Sunday, 25 April 2010

This could be it...

So we continued our search, saw a few interesting spaces, but they were just not affordable…remember, we don’t want the move to be a short term solution where we end up getting booted out for not being able to get the rent covered.
Then, we came across this nice little space (see above).

Not massive (1600sqft), but good natural light. Space for Oly work, pull up rack, throw wall balls and to do most other movements with a good number of people.

This was hopeful.
The location was good. Parking hmmm, okay, not great, but there were ways around that, like the several hundred parking spaces at the retail park round the corner. Rent, not bad...if we could negotiate something.
...but that was the problem, the agent didn’t really want to know.
No negotiation, and he wanted 6 month deposit along with several months rent. It also seemed he was also trying to sell some service, seeing as we were 'new' to this.
The annoying thing was, we spoke to the guys in the facility next door to this and they said they’d been offered the space for a much lower rate…we felt the agent was playing us. Not good and not helpful. The space had been empty over 4 months now.

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