Sunday, 4 July 2010

Sat 3.7.10 Deads & Burpees, a goat and a new friend

Saturday morning saw 7 of the regulars rock up for some met con fun.
15 x deadlifts 60/40kg
15 x burpees
10 rounds for time

Once they had finished they had 5 min rest and then had to tackle their main goat (weakness). Awesome end to the session that saw Jimmy nail the rack position, a number of the girls working on overhead and asome flexibility work going on.

While the guys worked out I had the pleasure of meeting Isa. Isa is from Birmingham Alabama and he does a lot of missionary work in Israel. Isa is staying with one of our members for a few days while he travel the UK and he wanted to come down and have a workout with us.

Isa is more used to Cybex machines but he threw himself straight in to a little met con consisting of kb swings, burpees and shoulder press. After this he tackled some ring push ups and some tyre flips. Impressive for a newbie? even more so given the fact that Isa is blind. While I was concious his other senses would be more developed it was amazing to see him learn how to swing a kettlebell without seeing the demo and how his sense of proprioception worked as he moved between each station without any help.

A truly amazing experience for me not just because of the training but to speak with someone that is obviously such a positive person. We hope Isa will visit whenever he is back.

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  1. It was awesome to participate in the session - and equally humbling to see Isa at work. Totally amazing experience! Thanks Andy! Can't wait till the next session!