Monday, 12 July 2010

Monday 12th July: Heavy mass will be moved....

Day 5 saw the guys work on some hang power cleans. This was followed by some jump rope skills...double unders, the kryptonite of so many.

This was finished with a 100 double under blast...

Start of the week, we had a CrossFit Total.
There was some heavy stuff being lifted.
Some of our newer members also gauged their progress and made some awesome efforts.
You cannot always experience success if you don't fail first.
The Big Man Alex made a point that we needed some denser plates, with 180kg squat, 100kg press and 230kg deadlift. Emile and Seth also impressed with some big lifts...some potential home grown competition brewing here.
It's an inspiring and scary experience to see so much being lifted...and it's not just the guys who lift this space.

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