Saturday, 25 September 2010

13-15th September...To be a Hero

13th September

Deadlifts 5 x 3 @ 85%
Press 3 x 5 @ 85%


A short Barbell complex that has seen several reps and set permutations.
In this instance aim to carry over some of the previous strength work and incoporate some explosive elements to develop that hip extension…again.

AMRAP 10 minutes

12 Dead lifts
9 Hang power clean
6 Front squats
3 Push jerk

14th September

Cleans 5 x 1


Annie Gone Angry

Double unders
Sit ups

Double unders require some skill and co-ordination. The more skill you have the more efficient you will be with DUs, and the quicker your times. So practice the skills. This WOD really tests your co-ordination under some respiratory stress.

15th September

Hero WODs are dedicated in memory to those who’ve served and passed by in war.
As such they are often challenging both the physical and the mental, to remind us of those who serve in the front line so we can live our lives as we choose.

Today, Badger was in the program.

30 Squat cleans @ 40kgs
30 Pull ups
800m run

3 Rounds

This needs to be scaled if you are not prepared for the volume of work here (90 cleans, 90 pull ups with 2.4 km run)

It was a sterling effort from everyone for this WOD, including those who did this at the 6:15 am session. Well done for completing it. We know that it seems the end is far when you start. But, the time it takes to complete is little to ask as a dedication for Badger.

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