Sunday, 1 August 2010

13th July: Legs of fire.

Sometimes there are advantages of writing a blog update in hindsight of a WOD. This is one of them.

The session was :

Hang Clean 3 x 5

This was followed by the WOD:

Lunge 50
Pull up 30
Lunge 50
Push up 50
Lunge 50
Sit up 70
Lunge 50
Squats 90

The set up looks simple, but the impact was beyond expectations.
The lunge movement requires a full range of motion for hip mobilisers, glutes, quads and hams.

This was could be felt the following 2-3 days when everyone who did this WOD experienced muscular soreness.

It is not our purpose to always have soreness (though some people like it). However it did highlight that working the lower body though such a range of motion at a higher volume was something that was lacking in athletes capacity. Doing this for the first time with additional load is not recommended.

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