Saturday, 15 May 2010

CrossFit Reading + BeaverFit...beyond building bridges

BeaverFit are making big noises in the community and are also the sole distributor for CrossGym equipment in the U.K. CrossFit Reading will be using the bulk of our new equipment from BeaverFit.

As a start for us here at CrossFit Reading, we have purchased 360kg of CrossGym bumpers (see pic)and a number of bars 3 Beaverfit power racks and a BeaverFit pull up rig stretching 5m x 2m.

Going forward, through CrossFit Reading and our box, BeaverFit will also be running expo’s, equipment showcases and other workshops for which we will be writing up open and honest reviews on our blog. Tom and the guys at BeaverFit are very proud of their brand and being prepared to have honest reviews says a lot for their belief of their products and services.

BeaverFit are also sponsoring the CrossFit Reading Strength & Power Meet in Association with FKUK and supplying the majority of the typical strongman equipment being used on the day.

To top this incredible new beginning off, we are very proud to announce the first workshop of this partnership when we welcome Umberto and his guys arriving from CrossGym to run a Functional Fitness Federation Certification on July 25th. For those that don’t know CrossGym please view here They offer some fantastic equipment and have worked hard to bring equipment that benefits strength and conditioning coaches across the board.

Please look out for more detailed information on this workshop.

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