Thursday, 20 May 2010

Thursday 20th May: Dead swing skip and that ball

Steady turnout through the first week so far and the energy is still awesome…with more gear still to come things can only get better. 5 guys and 4 of our ladies started with deadlifts for 3 reps tonight (5 sets). This was then followed by a dual WOD with 10 minute cut off for each, 5 minute rest in between.

Workout 1
Jump rope skipping (singles) 150,120,90,60,30
KB swings 50,40,30,20,10

5 minute rest
Workout 2
150 wallballs.

Apart from the usual amazing efforts, it took me a while to figure why tonight session was awesome. Maybe it was some of the big deadlifts, perhaps. Actually, I think tonight's vibe came from seeing two of our newer members make some excellent progress with their deadlift form and technique. Great work Debbie and Amy!!
Oh, another highlight was two chaps (friends of our big man, Alex) at the front looking in at everyone training and asking, we're looking for a gym...made me chuckle.

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