Monday, 31 May 2010

Friday 27th May 2010: Rubber, Wood, Rubber, Rubber, Wood...

Well, what a way to spend a Saturday. Moving stuff and laying flooring. The good news was that this was for our box. Even better, we had the help of some of our members. Even with some more hands making for lighter work, it was still an all day job. To add to this some of our members, ie Simon, had done the morning training session as well (nice work fella). But we were all well rewarded for our efforts. As you can see from the pics, we now have a fantastic lifting area with 800lbs s of rubber matting and ply laid.

So a huge THANK YOU to Alex (some fine work with the jig-saw), Emile (who also got his first muscle up), Simon (who also did the morning WOD) and Jimmy (who mopped and put in the last screw) who gave some of their free time to help with the evolution of our box. To top this off, Emile also pulled out his second muscle-up (10 minutes after his first) for the camera on our new rings rigging (the pic is of his second). Must have been the magic of the mats

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