Monday, 31 May 2010

Thursday 26th May 2010...80% Women...

Apologies for a slow update these past few days, there have been many, many things happening which we are going to update you on.

Firstly, tonight saw a session that was completed by a team of which 80% were female. Was it a workout that the 20% of males were going to find easy? Of course not. Our workouts are scalable which means they can be as challenging as you make them. Fortunately our members like to be challenged.

Starters were:

Standing press 5x5

Followed by:

3 rounds of:

15 thrusters
30 Mountain climbers (each leg)
45 kettlebell swings (Russian)

5 minutes rest, then

Push ups 10,9, 8….1
Sit ups 20,18,16,14,…2

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