Monday, 17 May 2010

What is as rxd (recommended)?

The need to adapt where required!

As trainers of a group dynamic it should always be at the forefront of our minds to get the best out of people and push them to their full capacity. As rxd is always where we try to get our members, but what is rxd?

Let me explain what I mean! At my kettlebell workshops I have a variety of attendees. Some qualified personal trainers, other CrossFit trainers and members of the public. The members of the public could also be split in to two groups, fitness enthusiasts and new starters.

I teach four different types of kettlebell swing in this workshop. A standard Russian swing, an American swing, A UKKA type swing (full squat) and hardstyle! We spend a lot of time on these swings firstly because I think it the foundation for the other movements to come but mainly so that each individual can get an idea of where each type of swing can be used and for what purpose.

As a personal trainer or CrossFit trainer (or any other trainer for that matter) you want to be able to offer as wide a variety of training options to your clients. What you plan for one person doesn’t always work for another.

Up-scaling! Tanya Wagner talked about this in a recent journal video from Filfest. Grace rxd is 30 floor to overhead anyhow with 135lb. I scale this down for some of my members but there are a few who need scaling up when this comes around.

Variation of movements! I have a few members that are training for the strongman contest we are running. I train that at the same time as the other members but with different movements, rep ranges and time restraints. Not just that but when they are working alongside another member I will have them do a different variation relevant to what will be happening at the event. This is just programming I hear you cry! Yes it is but it is also relevant for normal CrossFit members.

Take the burpee. You have the gold standard with a push up, land on flat feet, a jump with full hip extension and a clap above head while in the air. You also have the plyometric variation of this. More of a sprawl, using the floor as your helper getting a little bounce, the flat foot landing, jump and clap. Similar movements but completely different conditioning wise! Do you have MMA fighters training with you, Rugby players? Which variation would you prescribe in a met con? Which one is more relevant?

Take two completely different members. One is an animal, been with you for some time, knows the movements and blasts through wods. The other has recently joined, needs to lose some excess weight, struggles is their conditioning but is moving along at an ok pace. Would you give the second member a normal Russian swing or a full squat kettlebell swing ala UKKA standard? What would benefit them the most in terms of calorie burning?

They would both be doing the workout as rxd weight wise but with slightly different movements.

How many trainers actually change movements to accommodate different members. Of course you would when a member first starts but going forward does each member do the same style of burpee regardless of their background or other sport (if they have one)?

Just some food for thought amongst fellow trainers!

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