Wednesday, 12 May 2010


Phew, what a past few days. WE HAVE A BOX!
It’s been frantic, it’s been manic, but WE HAVE A BOX! Not only that, there’s a whole host of other exciting things that have also been happening, but more on that later.

To things more immediate, WE HAVE A BOX! Why the upper case you ask? Well, because it’s a big deal. For those who don’t know, here’s some words from CrossFit Reading Coach, Andy.

CrossFit Reading has been an affiliate for well over 2 years now. Our home has been Theale Green Gymnasium, an old school gym with ropes, boxes and 1 pull up beam. The old girl has served us well, our members have stuck with us and it is testament to them that we are now in the position we are – moving in to our new home.

For the duration of our affiliation I have been mobile (see pic). All the equipment transported each day, off loaded, used and loaded back up. Initially it was my trusty Audi A3 that took the brunt before I bit the bullet and upgraded to the VW transporter.

I will be sad to say good bye to Theale but not sad to not have to transport all that kit each day. Keeps me fit though right!

So came all the fun and games with sourcing the new box, going out to tender for the equipment and begging, borrowing and stealing to get as much good stuff for the box as possible. Due to circumstances we had to rush through getting the box so it will be a work in motion but we have secured a great facility of 1800 sq ft, a great landlord that has embraced what we are trying to do.

Also central to this has been a start to a what looks to be an awesome partnership with British based BeaverFit with whom we hope to continue building many opportunities…tbc

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