Tuesday, 18 May 2010

First session at the new box!

So after a manic weekend getting equipment in and the place tidy and ready for use we finally had the first sessions at our new home.

Standing at the front of the box looking into it I finally realised that it was happening. The box looked awesome and while there is still more equipment and bits to come it was taking shape. I think for me the real feeling of being in this box was when the guys went of for their warm up run and instead of running lengths in the old hall, they took off outside and down the road.

After the warm up we got straight in to it with Push Press progressive 5's, 4 sets.

Then after some work on tyre flips we got in to a short conditioning wod

In pairs - tyre flips, burpees and thrusters (40/30kg)

3 stations of pairs. only move round once one pair has flipped the tyre 10 x each. 2 rounds

As we thought the atmosphere was awesome last night and it's amazing to think that we have so much more stuff to come.
Look out for up and coming workshops and certifications coming to the CFR box.

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