Friday, 25 June 2010

Friday 25th June: Old New Friends and New Old Friends

The 6.15am session brought back our new travelling friend from that country very up North, Scotland. We were very pleased to see Damien. Also at our doors was our old friend David Hebden, who had gone awol for a while for private matters, but was back for a short while, and at our new box for the first time. We always welcome back our old and new friends who will be our old friends.

Started with some skill work with Hang power snatch then overhead squat, focusing on stability, speed and range of motion.

This was followed by some tyre flipping work.

Some ring dips to assess dip skills.

We then finished with a modified variation of Elizabeth


Power Cleans
Ply-clap push ups

As all workouts, they are as intense as you make them, and we do prefer to aim for the INTENSE end.
It was an awesome effort for so early in the morning and David was certainly welcomed back…everything back up, if you get my gist.

Well, tomorrow is the open day, so come down and join the fun.

The day after that the Olympic Weightlifting workshop (which is already booked up – but look out for other workshops in the months ahead).

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  1. Hi guys, thanks for two days of quality training and great coaching from Thong! will be making a detour to reading from now on when I'm down south :-)