Wednesday, 23 June 2010

Wednesday 23rd June: 6.15am session - working the get a flat tyre.

On this glorious morning, the ever dedicated Nutrition PhD to be Mister C was going solo. He doesn't have a tyre, but you get what today's session is about.

We started with Deadlifts 5 x 3.

Conventional stance was used on this occasion.

Working sets started at 130 and maxed with 150. Focused on preventing that back arching forward, which meant being honest about what is seen, even though lifting more was possible, we went for just 5% slop today.

This was followed by:

5 rounds:

1 minute very big tyre flip

Run 400m

1 minute sit ups

At max, the tyre was flipped 10 times in 60 seconds.
400m runs averaged 2 minutes
Sit ups were around 40 per round
Alot of work in all. Good job Mister C.

Consistent work rate, and even a lovely sweat angel, though I think it looks more like a cow's head with horns. Sweat cows head with horns...hmmm not quite the same ring.

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