Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Mon 21.6.10 MU Progressions, Cleans and Sprints

Crazy intensity at the box tonight. Lots of fun and some pb's set.

Started with muscle up progressions. Jules got her first muscle up and it looked like the weekend of practice had definately helped. Well done girl. Then cleand 5 x 1 working to 1 rep max. Some outstanding work on these and Thong got a new pb of 87.5 while Dan Cooksley nailed 80kg with some great technique. Dan Usher got 70kg on his first session of cleans after graduating from the on ramp. Jules nailed a 42.5kg and Sian smashed a 50kg and looked like she could have gone heavier.

We finished with 25m sprints x 20 working on static start and stride. Some great improvements from everyone.

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