Wednesday, 30 June 2010

30th June 2010: Top squat, bottom squat, he squats, she squats, we (should) all SQUAT

Two very effective movements tonight to build all round strength.
The upper body squat – aka ring dips , and the all king lower body squat - barbell back squat.

Worked on stability skills on the ring. Worked through progressions to full ring dip aiming to achieve full range of motion on the movement...full extension at top and getting nice and deep into the dip, below parallel like.

Rings Dips
5 x max reps

Back squat

Warm up
3 x 5 reps

Having our BeaverFit cages makes the world of difference to how the members are squatting. To have the confidence to squat in safety is a huge reassurance enabling us to get below parallel. Took time but those squats are getting to where they should be now. It’s important that the feeling of that load on the back is not an alien feeling.


  1. I see what you mean about bringing the rings forward. I'll nail it next time. Great confidence boosting session!

  2. We aim to please, but it pleases us more when you're pleased too!!