Thursday, 24 June 2010

Thursday 24th June 2010: 'Can I do this?' YES YOU CAN!!

Busy early session (6pm) tonight with our regular members as well as a guest from some far away land joining in the fun. Yes we welcome friends from forums to drop and PAYT …as long as you’re confident with the movements due in that session.
Lots of people, lots of sweat, the box was warm tonight.

For the second session, Amy, who is shaping up for married life, brought a friend, Jo, along. One of her first words when Pull ups were on the menu were, ‘I can’t do that.’

At CrossFit Reading, yes you can.
We scale movements so that people of all abilities can perform them or movements like them. All we ask is for the desire to succeed.

This was tonight’s session

Pull ups 5-6 rounds max reps
Use bands to assist as required

Worked on some kettlebell, high pull clean and snatch skills


Tabata intervals (20 seconds on 10 seconds rest x 8) –Twice through

Kettlebell snatches (scaled to swings for first timers.)
Thrusters (scaled accordingly)

So 8 Tabata rounds of Snatch, then 8 Tabata of Thursters.

BBQ also got delivered by dad to be, Jimmy, for Saturdays Open Day….yes, there’s an open day, 12-5pm. Come down, check us out and makes some fit friends.

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