Monday, 30 August 2010

25th of August...

Tonight we saw a WOD dedicated to The Dude, Founder, and Coach of CrossFit Reading.
Andy is heading off to sunnier pastures and spread his knowledge through his new venture, Integrated Fitness, in South Africa.
We’re all sorry to see him leave as he takes with him the passion and intensity that has taken CrossFit Reading to where it is today. And behind every great man is a great women, and in this case it is Jenny who has helped and support Andy throughout his pursuit to establishing CrossFit Reading. We’ll miss you both.

However, it’s not over. This chapter ends, but two new ones begin.

CrossFit Reading will continue, and Andy will still be involved in the back ground with programming as well as returning for workshops in the future.

See you soon Dude.

The fare well WOD tonight was partly dictated by weather, but the principal is there.

Andy named two WODS after his daughters, Sasha and Macey, and the WOD incorporated these. The WOD is an AMRAP, everyone starts at the same time and finshes at the same time…as a team, an ethos which the Dude always believed in.



AMRAP 5 minutes each station 2 rounds (30minutes of work)

Station A
5 pull ups
5 toes to bar
5 burpees

Station B
10 Overhead lunges(15kgs/10kgs)
10 push ups
10 box jumps

Station C

Rx 50kgs for the Dude.
Round 1 – Sasha reps –burpee snatches
Round 2 Macy reps – burpee thrusters

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