Sunday, 1 August 2010

26th July 2010: Love Your Hands

Front squats 5 x 3
Focus on keeping back flat and also those elbows, up, up, up!!!

Little Angies

5 Rounds
Pulls ups x 20
Push ups x 20
Sit ups x 20
Squats x 20

The purpose of this segmentation was to break the pull ups into manageable amounts.
Pulls were scaled to enable everyone to be able to do the full range of motion of the push up movement.

One of the issues that the WOD highlighted was hand tears that resulted from doing the pull ups.

Torn hands are not something we care to brag about as the injury can prevent you doing certain aspects of training. But sometimes it happens.

This is through not holding the bar correctly. Ideally the grip should site in between the crevice of the palm and start of the fingers). For various reasons, such as bar size and comfort, people sometimes grip the bar in the middle of the palm. This creates a larger area of flesh that is pushed against the bar, but also gives a greater area for rubbing, leading to blistering and tears. The risk of tears is also increased with people who do bigger kips as the hand movement against the bar is greater. Bar texture will also influence degree of risk to hand tear.

Some great advice can be found at CrossFit Virtuosity on hand care and management for training. Read it and follow the advice:

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