Tuesday, 17 August 2010

9th of August: Pump up the volume

Week two of August see us build some volume into our benchmark lifts working at 70% of our week1 1RM.

Monday saw Squats 4x6

Tuesday the team worked on:

Hang Power Cleans (got to keep the oly lifts in there)

This was followed by a WOD of:

Pull ups 20,18,16…4,2
Push press 60kgs 2,4,6….18,20

This was a brutal WOD and scaling needs to be considered here if attempted.
Lets put this into perspective, this is a total of 110 pull ups and 110 push press.
Times as Rx ranged from around 24minutes to over 40minutes. This WOD is about mental fortitude as much as physical strength…but everyone loved it

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